Thursday, 7 April 2011

DHR Exclusive.

Steamer Industries recently got an old Turner DHR in to be updated and restored.
The bike came into me with a sick paint job but mechanically and geometrically was a bit outdated.
The the linkage and swingarm in needed a good bit of fixing.
I fitted a new linkage, bearings bolts and seals.
I then drilled the swingarm to update the geometry, there were also a few pinch bolts I had to drill out and re-thread in the too.
After all this was done I went around the the whole bike and gave it a full service and set up the suspension for the rider.

After all this the DHR was ready for the hill!
Came in a bit haggard but is now solid!
Geo before   BB 14.6"   HA 65 deg
Geo after      BB 13.65" HA 63 deg

Customer came to collect her toady and was very happy with the result.

Keep 'em tidy!

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