Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Steamer Industries Maxle Kit

Maxle Kit

Had a friend over recently with a maxle in rag order, came up with this simple solution.

No more faffing about with stupid dodgy maxles with this on your bike. Lighter, stronger, simple and  effective.

Made from 6082 T6 aluminium and uses a polymer washer so as not to damage your fork lower and is SUPER light

Sits flush and looks clean ( only available in Ireland.)

Maxle Kits are a perfect solution to fixing a broken maxle or to end the hassle with the complicated system in place at the moment. Not just a fix but also an upgrade! 

Kits range from € 20 including fitting. New maxles cost up to 80 euro, why bother when you can fix or upgrade at Steamer Industries. 

Anyone intrested contact Kev at 

Contact me at Kevin@watermarkeng.ie or  +353 851331104 

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